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Loved it...

All the instruments you used go good together. I like the melody...just wish it was a little longer =) By the way, louder is better!

Karco responds:

Thanks! :D Glad you liked it.


For a heavy metal song, it's pretty good. I just feel like it's missing something...like another guitar or two...maybe some keybourd stuff?

Very nice...

Almost perfect...just needs some pads.....(that's my opinion of course). The Hip-Hop ish beat near the end was sweet.....

Not bad...=)

Personally...I love Canon in D. So the melody was a plus. Your bass (I think) is a little to loud.....that's most likely what the distortion was from. I like your main synths, especially the one that plays fast for a second on 00:58, 01:07, ect. Anyway, nice job. =)

DJ-B responds:

It very well could of been the bass but I did not feel like rerendering the file.


I love the melody and the synth that comes in at 00:48. Nice job with the drums too. Volume and equalization were the only things I can pick out that weren't worth a 10. =)


I loved it...there's nothing else I can say. =)

Good RPG backround

.....I feel like this would go well in something like Phantasy Star or Final Fantasy...good work. =)

Umm.....(tries to think constructively)

First off, every instrument sounds like it's set to the same volume. And the melody...I better not say anymore...lol. Keep practicing and you'll get it. Try listening to your song and comparing it to songs you want it to sound like. That might help with the volume thing.

NoreiOne responds:

Yeah I think I get what you mean, I think i made the song too booming loud at the start...... and maybe some of the instruments were made too loud overall... I'll take to heart your advice for future songs I make.

No offense, but....

Um...some words of wisdom...do not just "throw a little song together". Spend some time on it. Honestly, time can change a song that people don't want to listen to ever again into a song that people want to listen to over and over again.

The main synth is awesome....but

The sounds are cool, but I think you could lengthen the melody a little...it kinda sounds like you chopped this out of a longer song.

Tearstone responds:

Well this was supposed to be like an intro really. I mean it's unfinished, so of course it's gonna sound like I pulled it out of something else. I'll see about lengthening the melody when I get a chance next though. Thanks for the response Nightcore!

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